Welcome to One Minnesota Writer.  When I first began my blog in 2010 over at Blogger, this is what I shared with my readers:

Why should you read this blog? Maybe you’re a writer or you know a writer. Maybe you are curious about how others do their work – be it writing or some other art – and then gather the courage to share it. Maybe you’re hoping that I’ll share some information about who is accepting submissions, books I’ve read that others might like, that sort of thing. Maybe you stumbled here by accident.

No matter what brought you here, I hope to engage you. Yes, I will talk about writing, submitting, sharing, and the kindnesses that writers and other artists can offer each other. This is not a site for complaints about various editors or writing groups or the multitude of things that can make people upset. But, if you have a story about a kindness that helped you in your creative career, by all means, chime in. What blogs are really about, deep down, is community.

Those ideas haven’t changed. My writing schedule has changed, I’ve taken on editing positions, and I do a lot more travel and photography now than I did then, but the need for a creative community persists. Community can be found everywhere – online, offline, in coffeehouses and bookstores and art galleries, in schools and churches and trails through the woods. How we engage with that community, how we put ourselves out there and actively work toward creating things that matter is what keeps us alive.

I hope you find ideas and images here that grab you somehow, further the idea that a creative community is available to all.

Thank you for visiting One Minnesota Writer. Come back often. I’ll be here.

Kathleen Cassen Mickelson, One Minnesota Writer

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