The Angel Card Experiment: Today’s Card is Obedience

Obedience Images for obedience pop up immediately: childhood, dog training, traffic lights, bike lanes, church services, confession, parents, catechism, penance. Obedience is a state of mind, a set of rules that we didn’t make that are handed to us at birth. Vows. School. Clergy. Employers. Banks. Taxes. Vaccines. There are sacred rules that require obedience as […]

The Angel Card Experiment: Today’s Card is Delight

Delight Brainstorm with me. Add your own thoughts in the comments below. 1. What “delight” means, is: – Associated with kids, especially babies – What delights kids often makes adults cranky. Why? Example: today’s snow storm – So, as adults do we somehow learn that delight has a price? – sex, snow, drugs, flying, eating […]

The Angel Card Experiment: Today’s Card is Integrity

Integrity The dictionary that came with my Mac software defines integrity as, “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.” It also defines it as, “the state of being whole and undivided,” as well as a, “lack of corruption in electronic data.” When I drew this card, I wasn’t quite sure what direction […]

The Angel Card Experiment: Today’s Card is “Peace”

To begin this post, I jotted down my first thoughts while drinking coffee at a neighborhood coffeehouse: PEACE a slowing of breath, of heartbeat a calm pond, serenity a ceasefire – global, political, or between lovers, friends, family Christmas slumber, death breaking of bread – via religion or a shared meal a clean bedroom quiet […]