52 Ways to Shift Your Focus: Remembering Connections

Shift #48: Remembering Connections On Sunday evening, I was doing what I love to do: cooking for my family, sipping wine (Sterling Vintner’s Collection Central Coast Pinot Noir), watching it rain outside, and appreciating the beauty of the almost-frozen raindrops that clung to our back yard river birch and white pines. I rummaged around in […]

52 Ways to Shift Your Focus: Familiar Stories, Alternative Viewpoints

Shift #44: Familiar Stories, Alternative Viewpoints Lately, I’ve been thinking about how retelling stories from different points of view changes the narrative message. Fairy tales, specifically – taking something familiar and beloved, like Cinderella, and retelling the story from the stepmother’s point of view. Or retelling it from the prince’s point of view. Or maybe […]