The Poetics of Water

Dew clings to every part of a stalk of grass.

There is something about water droplets that linger on leaves and flowers after a summer rain. On the humid morning-after, perfect little orbs line up along leaf veins, dangle gem-like from petals, bejewel every living thing. Non-living objects have their decorations, too: slick wet surfaces gleam on pavement, decks, garden benches. The dog’s fur absorbs water as she charges through wet grass. The whole world seems to have lingered in the warm bath of a summer night.

Jewels seem lit from within in dim morning light.

Dew drops make me stop to look, go get my camera. They make me think about water and its power to change everything. How its lack is deadly. How too much can sweep away entire cities. How it cuts borders, floats boats, hides the dead.

Penstamon holds dew on its flowers, enough for a small bee’s thirst.

 All the universe can be tucked inside one tiny orb. We just have to look.

A sheen of water on the table top reflects everything.


A new issue of Gyroscope Review was released on July 1. A little summer poetry awaits, ready to linger with you at the beach, in the back yard, wherever you settle for a moment of summer respite. More information at


  1. I’m struck by the physics of the water droplets holding their own on a flat surfaced leaf, the cohesion, the surface tension. Then I shut my brain off and just admire the damn thing. 🙂

    Love being in the forest after a rain, and seeing diamonds hang from every surface. Thanks for the great pics!

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