Summer Solstice Languor

While sitting on my deck Tuesday afternoon, thinking about nothing much more than the bird I didn’t recognize who trilled from the top of our neighbor’s spruce tree, I realized I had forgotten to create this week’s blog post.

It happens every year, my willingness to settle into summer, forget about commitments, and actively seek to disengage from scheduling anything whenever possible. I loathe having a busy summer schedule, am opposed to filling every moment with some activity. I felt like that when my kids were on summer vacation. I firmly believed they should allow time to do nothing at all, to let their minds wallow in summer afternoons that stretched empty before them, knowing that their summer childhoods might be the only times in their lives when that was even a possibility.

And how lucky I am that it is a possibility for me at this point in my own life. As a writer, I’ve been steeped in training about how to keep from burning out, how to keep creative ideas coming. And, for me, that absolutely means taking the time to do nothing.

May your own summer be full of such moments. Welcome a little empty space along with the summer solstice this week.

Read a little about the summer solstice here:


  1. Summer is my time to Do All The Things that I can’t do during the winter because of cold, dark, depressing. Then again, I’m not a big fan of heat. So it’s a fine line to walk. 🙂

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