Mama Fox Says Good Morning

It was all because our dachshund, Truffles, got out of her dog bed, stretched and had a good shake that rattled her dog tags, then took off down the hallway towards the front door, that we were up early this morning. And by early I mean 5:30. And by we, I mean Mick politely took Truffles outside while I grumbled into my pillow.

A few moments after I heard Mick and Truffles go out the front door, Truffles barked. You’re right if you’re thinking that’s not unusual. Truffles barks. It’s her M.O. What was unusual was that she barked once and stopped. A few more moments went by before I heard Mick’s hoarse whisper through our open bedroom window, “Kath! Come here!”

I shuffled to the window and looked outside. A fox was standing in the middle of our driveway, watching Mick and Truffles. And they were watching her.

I remembered that I left my camera bag on the dining room table last night, so I sprinted down the hall in my bare feet and grabbed my camera. Then, as quietly as possible, still in my pajamas, I slipped out the front door and sat down on our front steps. The fox, by this time, was sitting at the end of our driveway, keeping an eye on all of us.

She was beautiful. She was clearly a mama.

Mama Fox at end of driveway early morning


Mama Fox 2

That Truffles was quiet this whole time, aside from that very first bark, was as miraculous as this fox who had come to visit.

I sat on the steps for several minutes, taking as many photos as I could in the low morning light. Mama Fox meandered around the end of our garden, settled down on our next-door-neighbor’s grass. She never took her eyes off of us.

When I had taken perhaps a dozen photos, I went back inside. So did Mick and Truffles. We didn’t want Mama Fox to see us as any sort of threat. We peeped out the bedroom window at her once more, then checked our back yard through the living room window to see if her mate might be out there. Then we looked out the bedroom window one last time.

Mama Fox had vanished. But we will feel grateful for her visit for the rest of the day.





  1. I am seriously envious that you got this long photo shoot with your fox. Several months ago, I saw a fox in the woods behind our house as we were pulling into the driveway. I had my camera with me and shot a few frames, not nearly as good as yours. The fox was too distant.

    Then, just a few weeks ago as we sat on the patio eating homemade pizza and drinking craft beer one Friday evening, I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye. It was our fox, slicing across our yard, slipping under an opening in the fence into the neighbor’s yard and then disappearing into the woods. I felt graced each time by the presence of this beautiful creature. If only I’d had my camera again that second visit.


    1. I love that your fox came for a visit while you were eating pizza on your patio! Sometimes I think that when we see something beautiful and we do not have our cameras with us, we hold that image in our memories a little differently, make it a little dearer.


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