Happy Halloween from One Minnesota Writer

I love Halloween! I love carving pumpkins, roasting seeds, passing out candy, being outside in the dark. And I hope I never outgrow this love of Halloween and spooky fun.

Last year, I was in New York just before Halloween and found this at the Chelsea Market:

Pumpkins in Chelsea Market

And this:

Pumpkin in Chelsea Market 2016

And this:

Scary figure - Halloween at Chelsea Market 2016

I loved everything about the Chelsea Market decorations, even their occasional gory displays. The Edgar Allen Poe pumpkin was one of my favorites. At our house, we are just a tad less spooky and a lot more simplistic in our pumpkin carving, but even our dog, Truffles, gets into the act:

If you are in Roseville, you just might see me with my partner Mick tending the fire in our driveway and passing out candy from our cauldron.

Happy Halloween! May you find your favorite treats instead of tricks. See you in November.




  1. Halloween is probably my least favorite holiday – when they push the horror and gore. I like creative costumes but I am so over the Walking Dead thing…


  2. Shoot, I should have directed my granddaughter and her parents to your home. Little Izzy was all bundled up under her Monarch butterfly costume, in true Minnesota fashion.

    We had one trick-or-treater, my 41-year-old friend who stopped by with left-over Halloween cake she’d made for her husband to take to work. Not a single kid. That’s a first for us in 33 years of living here. Usually we have around ten.


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