Hello, October

It still doesn’t feel completely fall-like here given that we had 90+-degree weather in September, the fall leaf color is delayed, and the garden is still wildly flowering.

Purple asters showed up in our wildflower experiment:

Thistles are prickly and pink:

Lavander, grasses, and unidentified seed heads are not done waving their glorious selves in the wind:


I’m grateful for the long, slow transition from summer to fall around here, for the chance to hang out in the garden and be still.

But I’m ready for change. Ready for colder days and longer nights, for stew in a pot on the stove, and dinner indoors with friends. Ready for pumpkins and frost and the first snowflake.

The robins have showed up in our crabapple – they are also ready for change as they gobble up the ripening crabapples:

Hello, October. Happy to see you.

And a very happy birthday to my daughter, Abby, today!



  1. We’ve got michaelmas daisies too 🙂 and it was Michaelmas last Friday 🙂 We’ve a lovely array of flowers and berries and all things colourful here too. I love October!


    1. Ha! Failed reply above. Let’s try again! Colorado went the opposite direction with fall this year. We went from 90 degrees and sunny to rainy and 60 overnight and never looked back. Sadly the rain all came at once this year, so your flowers are much prettier. I’m glad I can enjoy them from afar. Hope you get sweater and boot weather soon! Happy October to you and yours.


  2. Love the bee on the thistle. I should have picked my crabapples last weekend – going to freeze tonight. I’m sure the birds will still eat them. They keep reminding me it’s time to put the birdfeeders out for the winter.


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