Summer Playtime

On the Fourth of July, Mick and I took a little morning bike ride and found ourselves at Goldie’s Garden, aka the University of Minnesota Department of Horticulture Display and Trial Garden.

If you ever want a little respite in the midst of the Twin Cities, this little garden can provide. On the weekends, there is almost no one around and you can sit among the flowers, watch the butterflies, just be quiet if that’s what suits you.

If you are a gardener, this place has signs on all the plants so you can learn what is growing there and get ideas for you own garden.  A summer intern might be around if you want to talk to someone about what is in bloom.

If you are a photographer, the morning light in this spot is glorious.

We wandered around here for quite a while and just sunk into a beautiful summer day.

As for our own garden, which is clearly an ongoing trial, we have our favorite Jurassic Park style plant right here:

Meet our cup plant, which grows to be about eight feet tall and has huge leaves. It’s enormous presence delights us. There will be yellow daisy-like flowers soon; they aren’t as big as you might expect. This might be the perfect spot in our garden for a fake dinosaur.

And, over this past weekend, the full July moon was irresistible:

Full Moon July 2017

As was the fire:

fire table

Hope you are grabbing those summer moments with both hands.



  1. Thanks for sharing that U garden with us. I’ve never heard of this place. I need to tell my daughter who is always looking for a place to explore with her toddler.

    That’s a really interesting plant, the cup plant. Did you grow this from seed?


    1. Hi Audrey – we got the cup plant at the annual native plant sale that takes place at the community shelter on Larpenteur and Dellwood (by the Cub Foods) every year in June. There are multiple vendors there that have seedlings for all sorts of microclimates. We’ve had the plant for a couple of seasons so I no longer remember which vendor we got it from. But it is a cool plant! The sale is one Saturday only and I think it falls on the first or second Saturday in June, if your daughter who lives in Roseville is interested.


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