Thanksgiving Traditions and Change

I like Thanksgiving as a holiday of gratitude and food. Cooking for people has always been something I love to do, even though I’m no gourmet chef. I simply love the warmth of gathering around a table and sharing traditional foods: turkey, potatoes, cranberries, pie. I love the smells, the full refrigerator, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on T.V. I love having my kids around.

But things do change. Our family takes turns with our kids’ partners’ families for holidays; every other year we celebrate together. This year, it’s not our turn. Rather than be sad about having to share our kids, Mick and I are looking beyond our own table. We decided to do something for the larger community, and that’s why we signed up to participate in the Walk to End Hunger on Thanksgiving morning. The Walk to End Hunger is organized by a group of Twin Cities hunger relief organizations who work together to end hunger in both the Twin Cities and across the State of Minnesota. We’ll walk at the Mall of America on Thursday morning, hope that we make a difference.

We are excited about this change that will get us out into a crowd of people who all want to help those whose refrigerators are not stuffed full of food, who may not have the luxury of a Thanksgiving dinner of any sort. We will work to feed others not just for the holiday, but beyond.

If you want to help, you can donate to my personal page here:

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!

Walk to End Hunger graphic


  1. Like you, we are without “kids” this Thanksgiving. Not necessarily for the same reasons, but none-the-less without them here.

    We are invited to a nephew’s home in the late afternoon. So, prior to going there, we will help at the local community Thanksgiving dinner. I’ve always wanted to volunteer there and this is the first year we have the opportunity to do so.


  2. What a lovely thing to do, Kathleen. I can imagine it was an uplifting day as well as one of gratitude and the beginning of a new tradition. Cheers and hugs, xoA


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