Spring Flowers

It happens to me every year: my attention is drawn outside and I never want to come back in. Here are a few reasons why:


wild violets in the grass


crabapple blossoms at their peak


leopardsbane lurking in the shadows


lilacs that perfume the air


wild columbine


bleeding hearts

Happy Monday. May you have flowers, flowers, and more flowers.



  1. Lilacs aren’t out here yet but the hedgerows are green again and there are bluebells which I adore. Unfortunately I got a cold and I don’t feel up to a hike in the bluebell woods…maybe later in the week xxx

  2. Like you, I am drawn to these first flowers of the season. Thank you for sharing these beautiful blooms. Right now I have a bouquet of lilacs on my dining room table and bleeding heart in my living room.

  3. I don’t know leopardsbane. It must not grow in Colorado. Those bleeding hearts though! My goodness, they are phenomenal. Spring flowers make the long winter disappear, don’t they?

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