Have a Howling Good Halloween!

I love fall. No surprise there. And I love Halloween, but not in the same way I did as a kid. What I love is the shift toward longer nights, colder weather, time with family and friends. Halloween kicks off all the good stuff about fall turning to winter here in Minnesota, with kids out in costumes for Tricks-or-Treats and adults willingly handing them candy (and snitching some for themselves). My husband and I plan to put our fire bowl right in the driveway, build a fire, and greet the kids on Halloween night. We’ll bundle up, pull our chairs up near the fire, and sip some whiskey in the moments when there are no kids standing in front of us with their treat bags.

Treats for all, I say. Happy Halloween! Time to cozy up.

Happy Halloween 2


  1. We as a a country don’t do Halloween much. The stores do it more than the general population. Each year there are a few door-knocking chilldren, but only a few.
    Autumn is a colourful delight though. Whiskey? Not so much. A glass of red and I would happily join you beside the fire…


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