First Five Fragments for Friday – Happy National Poetry Month

What a week it’s been. I’ll begin with the writing prompts, but stick around for the other news.

1. Passover

2. The Wizard of Oz

3. Pushing through the dirt

4. Peeps

5. What is truly original?

The other news:

First of all, Gyroscope Review has launched! I’m so proud of this first issue, and I believe my co-editor, Constance Brewer, feels the same. The poets who responded for this issue were amazing. Have a look. What a great way to kick off National Poetry Month.

Gyroscope Review

Need the version for a mobile device? Here you go: gyroscope-review-15-1

Gyroscope Review is a quarterly poetry journal and we seek fine, contemporary poetry. Now that our first issue is complete, we are reading for our summer issue. Please see our guidelines here and use our Submittable link for submissions here.

Second, Fine Linen Literary Journal is in press. It will be mailed to subscribers later this month; yes, this is a PRINT journal that you can hold in your hands. What? You’re not a subscriber? Check out the Fine Linen website here. We – Dave Morehouse is my colleague and co-editor, and the guy who thought this adventure up in the first place – publish flash fiction and deliver it in a format that will surprise you every time. We are now reading for our summer issue and you can find the guidelines here. We also require that submissions go through our Submittable account here.

Third, who’s going to the AWP Conference next week in Minneapolis? I am! Since the conference is right here in my hometown, I will absolutely be there. For those of you who are also going, please leave a comment. I’ll be happy to talk to anyone about Fine Linen, Gyroscope Review, my own writing, your writing, or just about anything else that’s related. Slush reader inquiries welcome!

Happy Friday.


  1. Sounds like the kind of week that calls for a celebration! Congratulations on all this, Kathleen. I’m planning on AWP next week. I look forward to seeing you there!


  2. Congratulations, Kathleen! Your excitement and enthusiasm practically fly off the screen. Definitely will give Gyroscope Review a close look next week. Your enthusiasm for poetry always ignites my interest to write more. Working on a poem right now, although I should be cleaning and preparing food for Easter dinner.


  3. I’ll follow a prompt…..What is truly original? I am looking at the photo on top of this blog, and I comment that poppies in the garden and not for sale as heroin are truly original. Ahh, the suburban garden is original.


  4. Hi, Kathleen. I stumbled upon your blog while doing a search on AWP. It will be my first conference, so I’m trying to be as prepared as possible 🙂 I don’t write poetry, but love flash fiction and will try to stop by and check out Fine Linen and say hello!


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