First Five Fragments for Friday – Word Play Prompts

This week, I’m thinking about opposites or near-opposites. See what you can come up with.

1. Expansion/contraction

2. Reincarnation/damnation

3. Deadly tornado/nourishing rain

4. Losing your mind/gaining insight

5. Falling in love/climbing from an abyss

Happy Friday, everyone!

Spring warm up soon? Please?
Spring warm up soon? Please?


  1. I am intrigued by how close some of these opposites are in a circular sort of way.
    To live life again and again and again could certainly feel like a form of damnation for example…
    And love can be a climb out of the abyss, or a leap into it.


    1. That idea of circling around came to me as I was writing these, too. It’s an interesting thing to explore on many levels and for many things, like politics. If we look at ideas as being part of a circle, we can find new ways to come around to understanding each other.


  2. Not so opposite as you think. Sometimes perspective matters… I’m fascinated by the overlap. When does the expansion turn into contraction? Is it when inertia hits? Is everything physics, or philosophy?

    Why is Truffles giving us the stink eye? What delicious morsel did you deny her?


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