First Five Fragments for Friday – A Happy Looking Back Edition

Your weekly offering of writing/art prompts.

So often during autumn, I get nostalgic as I tromp through fallen leaves, breathe in that crisp cold air, and crave Halloween candy. It’s a happy sort of nostalgia. And, so, this week’s prompts are flashes of my past life. Really old flashes from a simple, happy time.

from my mother’s Better Homes & Gardens cookbook circa 1965
Yep, my very first report card. I’d still be in school if I could afford it.
Can you figure out which one was the most loved?
Not entirely sure why Midge and Barbie still live in a box in my basement.
This was also in that basement box, but when I was little, this lived on my bedside table.

What do you still have that comes from a happier time? What would you say about that object now?

Happy nostalgic Friday.

Fun Fact for the Week:

This is another photo from my mom’s old cookbook.

Because the cookbook came from the mid-Sixties, it’s very much aimed at a woman and her assumed role as homemaker. The only time men show up as potential cooks is in the section on grilling; there, the hands in the photos are men’s hands. There is also a whole special helps section that has two pages on stain removal, which includes “puppy stains (urine)”, blood, and mercurochrome, and I had to wonder what that was doing in a cookbook. And the very first page is a letter addressed, “Dear Homemaker”.

None of these things show up in my version of the Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book, Limited Edition 2000. And that’s why I’m keeping both versions on the bookshelf in my kitchen. It’s nice to see how far cookbooks – and the assumptions about who is actually doing the cooking and why – have come.


  1. This post fits quite well with what I was doing yesterday–going through a box of cards that my mom saved for decades. We're talking 50-plus years. She must have saved every thank you received, every birthday card sent, every wedding invitation extended, …

    It took me hours. I found some treasures like cards I'd made and cards my mom had given to my dad on Father's Day.

    Some cards I tossed. Most I kept. Some will be returned to those who sent them.

    Memory lane is a good road to walk some days.


  2. That constitutes a hoard Kath. I had no idea your basement housed such things or I would have been down there rooting about! 🙂 Hate the creepy wee dolls though WAAAAH!


  3. I love old cookbooks. I've found a few websites that feature pages from old magazines with recipes and sometimes the recipes are appalling. But I never feel that way when I read an old cookbook.


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