EAT, WRITE, DIGEST: Space, Inner not Outer

This week brings the gift of perfect summer days, a trip to the farmer’s market, two baseball games, a visit from an old high school friend, a reunion. It also brings the general life stuff of parenting an emerging adult, navigating differences of opinion, feeling the sadness that is a natural part of that process. It brings the comfort of a long-term marriage as a foundation for the rest of it. And all of these things meld into a very big quilt of a life.

That said, I’m feeling a little tapped out this week. The details aren’t important this time. What’s important is the realization that more space is necessary. More time in which there is not a pull to be somewhere else, to make a decision, or to find more room for one more thing on an already-packed calendar.

So, I’m going to go find some summer today. How about you?

White coneflowers bring summer light to our garden.


Bonus reading link for you today… I recently won a flash fiction contest over at Postcard Poems and Prose with my piece, Half-Baked, which was published on Monday. This is the third piece of my short fiction and second piece of my flash fiction that the folks over at PP&P have published and I am honored. I hope you like the story.


  1. Oh, Kathleen, I can so relate to your thoughts today. Busyness of summer settles upon us along with the stresses of parenting “emerging adults.” You seem to have your focus in the property place, though, and understand the need to simply “find summer.”

    That photo of your stunning flower bed is equally as stunning. Why did I not know there are white coneflowers? I have only the purple variety.

    As an aside note, Songs of Hope is performing a 45-minute concert tomorrow (Thursday) at 10:15 a.m. at Macy's Rosedale. I'd highly recommend fitting this into your schedule.

    Congrats on the flash fiction win. I will pop over there shortly to read. This is an honor, indeed.


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