First Five Fragments for Friday – Flashback Edition

Your weekly offering of writing/art prompts.

My essay earlier this week on nostalgia has me thinking about all kinds of past events.  What do you make of these? Where were you at the time? What changes and what stays the same?

1. On this day in 2004, the headlines at the Washington Post were:

Israeli Missiles Kill 3 Hamas Members 

2. On this day in 1994, this appeared in the Los Angeles Times:

World Cup Gives Artist Chance to Send Message : Art: Willie Herron’s mural saluting the soccer tournament will welcome LAX’s diverse visitors with a call for unity.

3. On this day in 1984, a solar eclipse caused excitement:

4. On this day in 1974, Billy Joel played Carnegie Hall. Here’s the set list:

5. And on this day in 1964, one of the worst Indy 500 tragedies occurred:

Happy Friday. 


  1. On this day in 2014, a bright star slowly climbed above the horizon, just as it has done for billions of years. Some took no notice.


  2. 1. – in Wyoming, with teenagers, wondering how I got this life
    2. – in Wyoming, with toddlers, questioning my life (and sanity)
    3. – in graduate school in Buffalo NY, wondering what to do with my life
    4. – in junior high in NY, wondering what to do with my life
    5 – in NY, undoubtedly annoying my brother with my existence!


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