First Five Fragments for Friday

Your weekly offering of writing/art prompts.

Happy Memorial Day weekend! Here we are at that first weekend of so-called summer, when Minnesotans (among others) open up their cabins, clean off the grill, pump up the bike tires, spit on the snow shovel. Okay, maybe not everyone does that last thing.

Anyway, the weather is warm, the weekend is long, the beer is in the fridge.

Here are this week’s prompts.

1. Five things growing in my garden: tomatoes, cucumbers, basil, peppers, weeds.

2. Five sounds hitting my ears right now: an episode of Futurama airing in the living room, the clack-clack-clack of the computer keyboard, the hungry growl of a wood chipper on the next block, the Doppler-ized sound of cars being driven on Roselawn Avenue, the jingle of my dog’s collar tags as she shifts her position on our bed.

3. Five things on my desk: a purple fairy wand, a package of Good & Plenty, a pine-scented candle, a rubbery skull with eyes that pop out when I squeeze it, a letter from my friend Oonah.

4. Five flavors I consider wonderful: licorice, raspberry, brown sugar, almond, banana.

5. Why this obsession with five things? Because there are five fingers on each hand to keep track of them. There are five weekdays in each week. Five is a lovely prime number. There is an alliteration factor for Friday blog posts. Notice that was only four things about five things.

Happy Friday, everyone.


  1. 1. Cyanosis, irises, fennel, oregano, weeds 😉
    2. The whirr of the drive, Noel stirring Minneapolis blend coffee, birds tweeting and two portions of silence.
    3. My camera, pens that don't work, an invitation to Alwyn's wedding, a robot memory stick and a nail file even though I currently have no nails.
    4. Goat cheese and wine, strawberry jam and cream, broth, bacon flavour crisps, pork crackling.
    I was born on the 5th and so was Noel and that's our anniversary too — hang on — that's only 3 — well nobody's perfect 😉


  2. HA! It appears people have put on their 'clever caps' today. I have seven chickens in my garden today – but if two of them don't start laying soon there will be five. I won't plant anything until the third week of June here. The chickens are kind enough to take care of the bugs and weeds until I am ready to till.


  3. There's only dirt in my garden box because I haven't planted yet…
    Every sound here is overshadowed by the angry bee drone of dueling lawnmowers.
    My desk is covered with video games, bills, poems in progress printed out, poetry books and skeins of yarn for my next project.
    I love caramel, coffee, milk chocolate, lemon and fruit punch flavors.
    5 things is about as long as my attention span goes – writing and reading.


  4. WEEDS in plenty. Dahlias, nerines, violets, begonias.
    It is very early here so the sounds are muted. A wattle bird (who wakes well before sparrow-fart). A purring cat. My fingers on the keyboard.
    Every desk is covered. With an assortment of things. There are books and pens on all of them. And too often cats.
    Flavours? Mangoes, raspberries, almonds, tea, apples…


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