First Five Fragments for Friday – Spring Cleaning Edition

Your weekly offering of writing/art prompts.

I find the damnedest things when I clean my office. What to make of it?

The toy sewing machine I had when I was very little. I grew up to be a lousy seamstress.

My dad’s bike back that I cannot seem to part with. There’s still tire patching stuff inside.

Magnets seem to multiply all by themselves on my file cabinet.

I think my husband brought this old spike home from his uncle’s farm.

Venetian glass from a traveling friend.

Happy Friday, everyone. Spring cleaning is far better than spring shoveling.


  1. Oh, but there is spring shoveling to be done today. At least here in Faribault.

    Interesting side note here: I have a Garfield magnet just like yours. The eldest loved Garfield as a child.

    The Venetian glass paperweight reminds me of a museum I recently visited in Neenah, Wisconsin, that features a massive paperweight collection, really old glassware and more. I'm posting about it soon.


  2. I'm not quite sure where that Garfield magnet came from, but it's been hanging around here for years. My granddaughter loves the sheep magnet, so I guess that one will stick around for a while, too. And we did indeed start the day shoveling here in the Twin Cities. We got around 8″ or so at our house. I'll look forward to your post about the place in Neenah. Have a good weekend, Audrey!


  3. I suspect that magnets breed. Which is how I justify the over-magnetted state of our fridge. Fun though. And your venetian paperweight reminded me, with a pang, of a venetian glass vase my father had and cherished (my youngest brother claimed it).
    I hope that Spring plans on staying with you now.


  4. Julie collects toy sewing machines and is an excellent seamstress/quilter. (Read addicted) She has a KayEe just like yours. It shows more wear than the one you have but is still in working order. However, with a couple feet of fresh snow it's hard for us to think about spring cleaning just yet.


  5. I've made some clothes. But I took a few years off from sewing. Time to take a class! Even a quilting class would help. I have 3 unfinished quilts in my back room. Gotta love the ADHD brain.


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