First Five Fragments for Friday

Your weekly offering of writing/art prompts.

All week, I’ve been hearing Paul Simon’s song, “Slip Sliding Away”, in my head every time I drive anywhere. That may have influenced these prompts.

1. What is the slipperiest slope you’ve ever navigated?

2. In the prompt above, did you confine yourself to actual weather-related slopes? If you did, think beyond the ski slope, ice-covered street, or un-shoveled sidewalk and try again.

3. Who is the slipperiest person you know?

4. What is the last thing that slipped through your fingers?

5. Now is your chance to slip something in where it doesn’t belong. What will that be?

Happy Friday, everyone, from the land of never-ending winter.


  1. 1- marriage…
    2 – being female in the Army in the “old” days
    3 – One of my higher higher ups at work. He couldn't answer a question straight for anything.
    4 – Some lovely wool-bamboo yarn.
    5 – Quick, how many days until England? 🙂


  2. When songs get stuck in my head, I seek them out and listen to them. This was so difficult before the internet because, too often, a song I did not own on album or cassette would be the one that got stuck. Now, if it's a song I can't lay my hands on physically, I know I can find it virtually.


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