First Five Fragments for Friday – Aftermath

Your weekly offering of writing/ art prompts.

Winter is not waning. This morning yielded this:

1. Before getting out of my own driveway.

Sun making the post-storm world beautiful

Extremely thankful for snowblowers

2. Snowed-under path near Lake Johanna

3. Fearless mail carrier

4. Back to my street
5. It’ll be a while before we use this bench…
Bonus: The bur oak in our front yard wears winter well

Wherever you are, I hope you have a warm Friday.


  1. Our Friday is beginning to be warm finally. We live in the southeast so we haven't been hammered with quite so much as elsewhere in the US but this morning we had tornado watches. Even Holly hesitated to step outside this morning.


  2. Heh…I was wondering if you were getting buried, too. Should be seen it around here yesterday – the roads are covered with a layer of ice that just won't go away and the car crashes continued into Saturday. We had the JDRF walk at the Mall of America on Saturday morning and it was a white-knuckle drive the whole way (we're just on the other side of the metro area from MOA). I think we should all stay home for the rest of the winter!


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