First Five Fragments for Friday: Steal These Lines

Your weekly offering of writing/art prompts.

This week, I have first lines for you to take away. Steal them. Run with them. Let them unfold into a piece of flash, a poem, a bit of word art. Because maybe all you need is a little push. Nudge, nudge. Go!

1. Eleanor knew she wasn’t really alone in spite of that awful song those four silly boys wrote about her.

2. Ruby dashed down the hall at the sound of the key in the front door lock. Damn her lack of opposable thumbs; she always had to wait for that door to be opened by a human.

3. Clarence preferred to think that the boy in the book was really him, that his adventures were worthy of having been written about, even though he knew his life was just ordinary.

4. Wind blew pellets of snow into the roof so hard and fast that Joy awoke to the stormy sounds two hours before the alarm was supposed to ring.

5. You know you’re in for a rather bad day when monkey poop from the lab upstairs somehow oozes through the ceiling and lands in your coffee.

Happy Friday. If one of these works as a beginning to something for you, let me know!


  1. Ruby dashed down the hall at the sound of the key in the front door lock. Truffles yapped like a demon demented. God! Not more complete strangers… Hells teeth! Brits! But on the up side one of them seemed to have scritchy nails and the other was so obviously couch-dwelling. This might not be so bad after all. It's a dog's life — if you play it right.


  2. Just as I lift my mug of French vanilla cappuccino to my lips, I read “monkey poop…oozes through the ceiling and lands in your coffee.”

    I hope this is purely imaginative and not based on some actual experience.


  3. The monkey's were just getting into the civet cat act. If people will pay good money/bad money/lots of money for coffee beans which have been excreted by a civet cat, the monkey's may (or may not) be onto a winner here.
    And I would love it if Ms Rigby found some companionship. She has haunted me for a loooong time.


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