First Five Fragments for Friday: Holiday Hiatus

Your weekly offering of writing/art prompts.

1. What if happiness actually pursued you? Would you notice?

2. Write about the worst holiday gift you ever received and see if you come around to finding something good about it.

3. Write an ode to the Christmas cookie of your choice.

4. The most awe-inspiring vision of winter is…..


Back yard bright spot.  kcmickelson 2013.

One Minnesota Writer is going to take a holiday break until January 3, 2014. Enjoy whatever version of winter holidays you celebrate!

Happy New Year to all.



  1. Oh hazelnut shortbreads
    I love your crisp crunch.
    I could eat you fro breakfast
    and snacktime and lunch
    I could eat you with coffee
    dunk you in tea
    but this year that would be
    the death of me
    so tomorrow I'll bake you
    smell your buttery smell
    in sorrow I'll pack you
    and that will be hell…


  2. Have a very happy hiatus (and I am sure that Hallmark could make a killing on hiatus cards).
    Winter? When it finally arrives, I love, love, love looking at my bed and knowing that I can snuggle into it and not worry about night time saunas.
    My worst holiday gift was an electric iron. Ironing is something I loathe. It was given to me in the hopes it would make a hated job easier, so even at the time I acknowledged the thought behind it. Still not a positive memory present though.


  3. Hmm….I'm not sure I would have loved an iron either! My ex-husband gave me makeup one year and I couldn't decide if he was pampering me or telling me I looked like hell! I know my mom lifted her eyebrow in disapproval at the time.


  4. 1. Happiness has barked at my heels for years. I've always managed to keep a step ahead…
    2. I came to tolerate the worst thing I got and even laugh about it – a few years later.
    3. Great minds think alike! Kolachki and pizzelle, how I love you!
    4. A winter ice storm that turns the world to a deadly, glittering wonderland.
    5. Mr Cardinal, how nice to see you. Come visit me, I have bird food!


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