First Five Fragments for Friday – Post-Turkey Dinner Edition

Your weekly offering of writing/art prompts.

This week feels like the gateway to high holiday merriment. And so prompts veer towards the nostalgic.

1. My favorite winter holiday scent is the smell of a fresh Christmas tree. Yours?

2. Traditions mean more when life is shifting. What tradition will remain with you always?

3. Rewrite your favorite holiday story for modern times.

4. Gift of time, gift that gets used up, gift of an experience, or gift that you must find a spot for?

5. Who do you miss most at this time of year?

Happy Friday. And Happy Hanukkah to those who observe it.


This week, I had a story published at Postcard Poems and Prose that is one of six finalists for their Fiction4aDay contest. The story, A Shot in the Light, can be read here. If you like it, please join other readers in voting (instructions are on the site). The other five stories are fun reads, too. Have a look!


  1. Christmas here is in mid summer – and is hot, hot, hot. I love the scent of the stone-fruits.
    My big christmas tradition is a huge bowl (rude people say I make it in the bath) of fruit salad. No oranges or apples. Mango, berries, stone fruit, pineapple, lychees, cherries… And on Christmas Eve we go for a drive to look at the Christmas lights and trees people have put up in the suburbs. Magic.
    I don't miss family feuding, but do miss people who have gone before.


  2. 1 – The smell of cooking permeating the house.
    2. We always set an extra plate at the table- just in case.
    3. That's a tough one. Hollywood has succeeded in destroying most holiday magic with modern interpretations…
    4. – Gift of an experience, definitely.
    5. – My mother. She really got into the holidays and made them special.


  3. Ah, the smell of cooking will always be something that makes everything come together for me. Thanksgiving Day around here was so wonderful with the smell of that turkey in our oven permeating the entire day. Yes. I like that tradition of setting an extra plate at the table.


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