First Five Fragments for Friday

Your weekly offering of writing/art prompts.

Halloween is over. Frosty mornings have arrived here in Minnesota, where my own thoughts are turning toward Thanksgiving and cooking, family and friends, things for which to be grateful.

And it’s been an odd sort of week with people I love in situations that are not the best and, yet, everyone still finds ways to do their work, laugh, care for their kids, and look ahead to other things.

So, with other people’s stories swirling in my mind, here is this week’s list of five prompts:

1. Who do you trust to be there when you wake up in recovery after surgery, mind foggy, lips loose?

2. While driving, you make a turn into oncoming traffic and you realize a car coming at you is going to hit you. Your first thought is…

3. Imagine life without one of your senses.

4. What is the one souvenir you’ve brought home from a trip that you pick up again and again?

5. What do you consider absolute evil?

Happy Friday, everyone. Since Monday is Veteran’s Day here in the U.S., I’d like to share some photos I took on a recent visit to the San Diego area. These are from the Mt. Soledad veteran’s memorial in La Jolla.



  1. Paragraph number two causes me concern. I hope situations are improving for those you love.

    As for the veterans memorial photos, I love this memorial–the simplicity of that beautiful cross and the inclusion of photos. The images, I think, truly imprint the humanity of these soldiers and create that personal connection.

    Prompt #3 is a semi reality for me in that I lost 70 percent of my hearing in my right ear several years ago during an unexplained episode of sudden sensory hearing loss. That hearing loss has really impacted my life. I miss out on so much now and don't enjoy social situations nearly as much as I once did. But I can still hear words with my left ear, and for that I am grateful. This has also taught me empathy for those who cannot hear at all.


  2. 1. A good nurse…

    2. Why is he going the wrong way? (I have good denial instincts)

    3. I could live without any sense except sight. I'm very attached to the visual.

    4. A lovely river rock from the Big Horn Mountains.

    5. Plastic safety packaging that you can't get open without bodily injury.


  3. Cruelty (physical/mental/emotional) is my absolute evil.
    At intervals (so far on a very temporary basis) I lose my sight. Which terrifies me.
    I do hope things improve for the people you love – but applaud their attitude.


  4. Hi Audrey,
    I cannot imagine that sudden loss of hearing. It's a good thing it's only one ear. That prompt (along with part of that second paragraph) was inspired by someone I know whose son, over the last seven weeks, has lost most of his eyesight. He's ten. I keep thinking about that, and about others who have lost one way of experiencing the world and wondering how that shifts ones life. That it taught you empathy is one lovely outcome.


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