First Five Fragments for Friday – Halloween Edition

Your weekly offering of writing/art prompts.

Five things that spook me:

1. Driving through mountains in the dark

2. That odd color of the clouds right before a tornado hits

3. Large vehicles that tailgate when there’s nowhere else for me to go

4. When my dogs bark ferociously, their faces at the window, but I can see nothing out there

5. Feeling a spider web brush my face, but being unable to find the spider

What, in your everyday life, spooks you? If you took that thing to an extreme as a writer/artist, could you have fun with it or would it be too scary to think about?

Happy almost-Halloween, everyone.

And for your Halloween pleasure, here is what I consider the best Halloween carved pumpkin gallery ever : Villafane Studios: Gallery. Enjoy.

Last year’s Halloween pumpkins at our house.


  1. I am afraid of mice and bats and don't particularly like anything with wings. If I was trapped in a room with a bird, I would freak. Alfred Hitchcock already showcased that fear in “The Birds.” Think swooping barn swallows when I was growing up.


  2. Passing by a mirror at night.
    Going down in the basement after dark after playing Halo on the Flood level.
    Snakes slithering across the sidewalk at twilight.
    Driving on the highway in a blizzard or rainstorm, when the worl ends up being two feet in front of you…


  3. Snakes. When I lived in a house which had a resident red-bellied black under the front steps I only used the back door for nine months of the year.
    The prospect of losing my mind.
    Thunderstorms when I am home alone (twice I have been in a house (alone) when it has been struck by lightening.
    Loosing things – which makes me think fear no 2 has come to past.


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