First Five Fragments for Friday

Your weekly offering of writing/art prompts.

1. When are you most distracted? When you are stressed, overworked, tired, happy, busy, uncomfortable, bored?

2. Happy accident: catching a bee in flight.

3. Who are two people who should never be alone in a room together?
4. Raspberry leaves have their own fall color. It’s not just the trees, is it?

5. Ways to define autumn: end, beginning, veil between worlds, doorway, tunnel, transition, death, slumber, frost.

Happy Friday! If you’re in Minneapolis, go check out the current art show at Cause Spirits and Soundbar. Local artists from the Rogue Citizen collective have sharp-witted new work, which I was lucky to see at their opening last night. You’ll find a whole different sort of inspiration there.


  1. # 1 – All of the above. I distract easily. Ohh, look, a bird!
    # 2 No it wasn't a bird, it was a bee. Cool pic.
    # 3 Me and my best friend's husband…
    # 4 Not just trees…
    # 5 Depressing, comforting, transforming…


  2. I am most distracted when I worry – particularly about things out of my control.
    Love the bee shot – not matter how hard I try I have never captured them that well. Perhaps I need to rely on chance more.
    At least one of my alter egos and me shouldn't be left alone.
    Autumn? Blessed respite.


  3. One of my favorite things about a digital SLR is the ability to hold down the shutter release for a series of shots when something is moving. That lets me capture things like bees in flight. Well, that and happy chance!


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