First Five Fragments For Friday – MIT Edition

Your weekly offering of writing/art prompts.



Happy Friday, everyone. Hope you get some brainy ideas today.


  1. The space in some of these shots is strongly reminiscent of the hollow inside my head at the moment. Loved the art in the final picture – it makes me think of the wonders in the ocean…or cell division… or both.


  2. Hi Audrey – the reason for the visit was that Mick took part in a dog/cat genetics conference at the Broad Institute. We stayed in the Marriott that is right on the MIT campus. I don't often tag along for Mick's conference stuff, but couldn't resist being in the Boston area.


  3. The first image is cool, and I wish I was in front of it to see the dimensions.
    I like the bench. Tells a story with the paper bags and water bottle.
    Not sure I like the colors in the paintings. Something about them doesn't please my eye…


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