First Five Fragments for Friday

Your weekly offering of writing/art prompts.

This week, an autumn mood takes over.






As summer makes an exit, what is your first inclination? Mine is to get outside and hike. That inspires me more than almost anything else.  But this week, I found amazement in my own back yard when two foxes hung out in a sunny spot. Just passing through? When I made the mistake of trying to quietly open a window to get a better photo of them, their ears perked up and they bolted. Haven’t seen them since.
Happy Friday. Go find your inspiration. 
All photos by KCMickelson.
Photos 1-4 taken at William O’Brien State Park in Minnesota.
Photo 5 taken in Roseville, Minnesota.


  1. Autumn is my most favourite season. I love the soft light, the colours and the joy of being able to snuggle into bed again.
    Here Spring is going gang-busters – which also has charm.
    And I loved the foxes. Years back we had one in the vegetable garden, closely scrutinised by the cats. Our foxes are much redder though.


  2. The light is something I always notice in the fall, too, the way it shifts and softens. We don't get foxes strolling through our yard on a regular basis – too populated where we live, so this their visit was really delightful.


  3. The State Park looks like a great place to walk. I must get back up to the Big Horns before it snows – which out here, could be this weekend…
    The foxes are awesome. Glad they saw fit to grace your backyard a spell. 🙂


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