First Five Fragments for Friday – Summer Photo Series

Happy post-Fourth Friday.

photo credit: KCMickelson.



  1. I've tried for years to photograph fireworks, but to no avail. Perhaps setting up my tripod would be helpful. Especially like the fireworks capture. Happy Fourth. Hope you're having a fabulous holiday break. I am.


  2. Hello,

    I haven't been here in a while so thought I would drop in. I really like that first picture the colors of the sky are magnificent. It just speaks to me. A great capture.


  3. Goldfinch = Favorite. We watch them at the feeder all winter when they wear a ruddy brown plumage. It's always a harbinger of spring when they begin to molt into a dazzling summer gold. Great pic. Thanks for sharing. Dave


  4. The fireworks photo was a complete experiment, using the sunset scene setting on my camera! Tripods would be the way to go to do it well, but this one was just me sitting in a lawn chair on a ball field.


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