First Five Fragments for Friday – Summer photo series

Your weekly offering of writing/art prompts.

For the rest of the summer, prompts will be in photos. Word prompts will resume in the fall. Enjoy.

This week: June gardens

photo credit: KCMickelson



  1. Oh, those yellow flowers…cannot think of what they are called. But mine are blooming now, too. Just love them for their bright cheeriness. They remind me of graduation, because, typically, they bloom in late May/early June. Lovely photos, Kathleen.


  2. Ooh and aah. Though today the prompt reminds me of how much more work there is to do in the garden if it is to blaze in spring and summer.
    I love the primrose and the peace doves are special too. Thank you.


  3. Love the bee photo. I haven't seen my big bumblebees this year, but hail knocked all the flowers off my lilacs, probably before the bees got to them. I did have some butterflies though.


  4. We get those kind of bees every year and they are so cool. We have a lot of native stuff in our garden and the different plants attract different kinds of bees and butterflies, which is the whole idea anyway. I love having a big garden instead of a big lawn. Things seemed to have doubled in size over the weekend because we've had so much rain. You can wring out our soil.


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