First Five Fragments for Friday – Photo Prompts

Your weekly offering of writing/art prompts.

This week is for random photos, just because. What’s beyond the frame?

photo credit: KCMickelson, except for B&W photo by Mary Cassen

Happy Friday, everyone.



  1. Heh….those aren't wasp nests. Look more closely, especially at the stuff on the windows below. 🙂 I'll answer one of your questions, though: California.

    And, yes, that's me in the B&W. Unfortunately, I don't know where. My parents are both gone, so I have to imagine where this might be.


  2. I love the hamster one. I used to have ratties and they liked being held in your hands. And climbing up to ride on your shoulder.

    Girl by waterfall is awfully brave of your parents. Then again, I think we were a lot braver with our kids a generation ago.


  3. That hamster lived for three years – Methuselah by hamster standards. And, yes, that kid by the waterfall is the same one who unleashed a bit of controversy by posting about riding a bike without a helmet last fall!


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