First Five Fragments for Friday

Your weekly offering of writing/art prompts.

1. What do you remember about high school graduation?

2. My grandmother only went to school through the fourth grade. Imagine how and why she would talk about that.

3. Photo prompt:

Where do you look for light?

4. The crow on the neighbor’s roof seems to see me through the kitchen window. Black beady eyes, intelligent, probing.

5. Photo prompt:

What emerges in your life in the spring?

Happy Friday! Get right to the writing, painting, whatever. You can’t get any of this time back.

Photo credit: KCMickelson


  1. Those images are stunning, Kathleen, just stunning. What wonderful light.

    High school graduation ceremony memory: Giving a speech before a gymnasium packed with people. I could not do that today.


  2. A lot of dust emerges in spring 😦 and we don't graduate until our university degrees here – at least that's how it was in my day. I remember finishing my final A Level exam and just walking out the back way from school for the last time, going home, changing out of my uniform — thinking I never had to wear a tie again and feeling a sense of mingled relief and let-down. Then after all the tension of final exams I promptly broke out in a rash — hydrocortizone cream until the results were out. I was never what you'd call a confident teenager 😉
    I hope Abby and Joe enjoy their big occasion.


  3. We simply left High School and moved on. No graduation. No ceremony.

    I adore your blossoms and your poppy. IF there is room (a fairly big if) I must plant some poppies…

    I hope that all of you have a wonderful graduation celebration this evening – and a great weekend to follow.


  4. Wow, high school graduation is a big deal here in the US. So is college graduation. We get a couple of changes for a big whoop-de-do! The ceremony last night was lovely, poignant, exuberant….all of it.


  5. I remember the huge arena they held graduation in, which was normally used for hockey games. And hoping I wouldn't trip and fall as I crossed the stage.

    Love the fuzz on the second pic. It reminds me of some alien creature emerging.


  6. It was January 1961 in Detroit, Michigan. I went to a high school that was business-oriented toward retailing, accounting, office machines, and secretarial work, so there were hardly any boys in the school, barely enough for a basketball team. In our graduating class of 101, only one boy and 100 girls walked across the stage to receive our diplomas. My friend Patsy Scott was the president; we had been friends and friendly rivals since 4th grade. xoA


  7. Hi Annis! One boy and 100 girls – yikes! That's insane. Abby's class: 484 kids, much diversity. My high school class was over 700 and not nearly as diverse as Abby's. I'm glad that things have evolved.


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