First Five Fragments for Friday

Your weekly offering of writing/art prompts.

1. What would you study if you didn’t have to think about the cost?

2. What was the last thing you did that incurred someone’s disapproval?

3. What makes you scream?

4. Has hearing someone’s laughter ever made you sad?

5. Wander around the toy department in the nearest store. What toy gets your attention?

Happy Friday! It’s a long weekend in the United States; how do you honor Memorial Day?

from my garden last spring


  1. Julie and I hiked into our camp yesterday. There were snowflakes in the air. We're an envious shade of green that you actually have flowers. Beautiful photo.

    Am I going to be able to 'steal' #3 for our October Art Theme? 🙂 It would be perfect.


  2. Glad you liked the photo – it's actually from last year's garden. Our poppies haven't opened yet this year, so stay tuned. I love poppies, so I'll take more photos!
    And, as for #3, I am giving it to you for your October Art Theme. Take it away!


  3. The person who mostly strongly disapproves of me (at some stage almost every day) is myself. Which is a plus and a minus. Beating up on myself is neither fun nor good for me, but it does mean that I don't get complacent, and opens the door to improvement.
    And yes I get sad when people are laughing at, not with others.
    Gorgeous poppy. I also grow them, and love them.
    Have a wonderful weekend.


  4. 1. In another country. The UK or Italy perhaps, depending on if it's philosophy or art I want to study.
    2. I said “No.”. It kinda goes along with my job, but makes me fell like a Mom again.
    3. I don't scream easily. Angry scream or scared one?
    4. Nope, laughter is good. Nostalgic, maybe, but not sad.
    5. Action figures, definitely action figures…


  5. 1 etymology or anglo Saxon
    2 I spoke — usually works
    3 Mice
    4 yes
    5 almost anything but dolls — I love building sets and forts and castles


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