First Five Fragments for Friday

Your weekly offering of writing/art prompts.

1. Surprise beneath our deck: two robin nests, one on each side of one of the main support posts. Wonder if the robins are related.

2. What we’ve found in our delivered pile of compost this week: flattened plastic bottle, rocks, bits of glass, a piece of metal, a wooden stake, pull tabs from pop cans, bit of plastic bags. In the past, we found a man’s (we think) sandal.

3. Now that warm weather allows windows to be open, we’re reacquainting ourselves with sounds of wind through tree branches, wind chimes, cardinals who just want to reproduce, motorcycles, kids playing outside, barking dogs, airplanes, school buses, laughter.

4. Life in the suburbs isn’t always about the automobiles:

This guy hangs out on our neighbor’s roof every day.

5. Which photo would you choose: one of a couple smiling at the camera or one of that same couple hugging each other?

Happy Friday! I’ll be digging in compost this weekend. And you?


  1. Are you kidding me? You found those items in the compost. I'd reconsider that source of compost.

    And the duck on the roof (duck, right?), well that's a new one.

    I see many ideas for short stories here.


  2. The compost is the free community compost that usually works pretty well. Those bits of stuff we found were in four cubic yards, so most of it was okay. But, yeah, we were a little surprised.

    The mallard on the roof next door has been returning for a couple of years. His mate wasn't with him when I took the photo, but it makes me happy to see him up there even though that's not really a duck habitat. We're not too far from a couple of different lakes where lots of ducks hang out. Maybe this one is a loner.


  3. I'd say we'd be mowing the lawn again, but it's supposed to rain. Again. We can use it, but it cuts into yardwork a bit.

    I like your mallard on a roof. Much more interesting than a dove. I just wonder what he's doing up there. Casing the neighborhood?


  4. I love the mallard, and he/she would make me smile each and every time I saw them. I have been to watch hot air balloons, done some washing and a few domestic duties and tomorrow will be in the garden. Big time. I want to plant at least 500 bulbs this weekend…


  5. We haven't mowed our lawn yet. It was snowing only two weeks ago!
    That mallard waits for our neighbor to put out cracked corn, although I swear he sometimes looks in our windows to see if our dogs are really a threat.


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