First Five Fragments for Friday

Your weekly offering of writing/art prompts.

1. Minnesota spring weather and boomerangs – similarities?

2. What keeps you awake at night?

3. The last group discussion I was part of focused on wonder. My mind went in the direction of  wonder as awe. The hostess went in the direction of wonder as questioning. Which way would you have gone?

4. The fowl version of happy hour on a patio: the mallards who have been hanging out on our next-door-neighbor’s roof.

5.  Take off your watch for the weekend.

Happy Friday.



  1. Spring on the prairie – if you don't like it, wait a minute.

    What keeps me awake at night? Unfinished stories. Mine and other people's.

    Wonder as awakening – containing both awe and questioning.

    I haven't worn a watch in 3 years. Sometimes I miss it – and it was an analog watch, no digital. But finding a watchband small enough for my wrist was always a pain. It's hard to find a leather watchband with enough holes. Plastic made me sweat and metal stretchy always slid up my arm. Yeah, I'm picky. 🙂


  2. Last night, the thought of training slush readers kept me awake! Not sure why. I should be delighted.
    Wonder as awakening – I like that.
    I've been experimenting with days with out my watch (I love my watch) and have discovered I don't miss it. Huh.


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