First Five Fragments for Friday

Your weekly offering of writing/art prompts.

Our Friday morning looked like this:

What images combined to make your morning? Which ones would you prefer to linger on for a while?

I don’t know about you, but we have to dig for the happy in “happy Friday” around here today. So, onward!


  1. Your world looks pretty much like mine this a.m. I also had my camera out as the snowy landscape was beautiful. Pix will be forthcoming. After and hour of shoveling, I came indoors to find a voicemail from my husband about the situation in Boston.


  2. Yes, spring in Minnesota still requires shovels, snowblowers, boots. We actually heard about the Boston manhunt upon waking, since our alarm is the MPR station on the clock-radio. I've been wondering if a standard alarm sound might not be better, a way of waking without words so we can be in that suspended state of not-knowing for a minute before our feet hit the floor.


  3. Most of your Friday morning was beautiful. And these days I have made a commitment to focus on the beautiful as much as possible. Not ignoring the rest, but not dwelling there either…


  4. Looks like you got the snow we didn't. 🙂
    I linger on the coffee pot since I haven't had my morning cup yet.
    Oh, and on the snowblower. About once or twice a year, I wish I had one…


  5. Yeah, we got socked in again. I am so so so grateful that we finally got a snowblower two years ago. Every single time Mick went to his regular January conference in San Diego, there would be a snow storm and I would be shoveling out before he got back, cursing all the while. Our driveway is really long! That snowblower may have saved our marriage 🙂 It certainly saved our backs.


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