First Five Fragments for Friday

Your weekly offering of writing/art prompts.

1. A room with a view – my view is the Pacific Ocean. What’s yours?

2. Travel is miraculous.

3. What would you leave behind right now, if you could?

4. The last words on your lips were…..

5. What mystery would you leave unsolved?

Happy Friday from not-in-Minnesota this week.


  1. The view from my window is the bird feeder – a source of never ending delight. I would like to leave guilt behind me – I don't think it ever gives me anything I can use, just pain. If I knew where my guilt button was I would disconnect it – permanently. And I don't like mysteries. Solve them all, for good or for ill.


  2. Sparrows on the feeder doing a very entertaining disappearing of seed act.
    Travel IS!
    This pain in my arm 😦
    I can't remember — no that wasn't them — I just can't remember — so nothing memorable…
    I think the answers to mysteries are usually so improbably and interesting I'd like to solve them all.


  3. I think having the mystery there, unsolvable, is in itself an interesting idea to return to, as in the mystery of how we were created. Without a solid answer, we can come up with all kinds of interesting ideas.


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