First Five Fragments for Friday

Your weekly offering of writing/art prompts.

This week, I was inspired by a mindfulness exercise called The Game of Five from the website, Pocket Mindfulness. The idea is to notice five things in your daily routine that you usually don’t notice. Things that go unnoticed are just the sorts of details I love to use in my own writing. So, here are my five things for today, so far anyway.

1. The way the morning newspaper is right there on the front step most mornings, neatly bagged in biodegradable plastic, and how I think of that most when it’s not there.

2. How the simple act of brushing my teeth after waking makes me feel like I am now ready talk to someone else.

3. That moment of silence in the house when everyone else has left for the day and I have not yet begun my own work. Sometimes that feels terribly sad and I rush to turn on morning news to fill that void.

4. How we don’t run out of hot water even when we have house guests and everyone takes a shower before 9 a.m.

5. The deliciously warm feeling of sheets that come right out of the dryer, cleaned now that our house guest has left. And the way they smell, no longer mingled with the scent of someone’s sleep.

What have you failed to notice lately?

Happy Friday. Happy Easter, if you celebrate it.

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  1. I like the way the sunlight comes in at a different palce in the evening now that we are past the equinox. The kitchen lights up gold at suppertime.


  2. Surprisingly, either I am not looking hard enough (more than possible) or I do practise mindfullness.
    Small things which I really, really appreciate include:
    1 The speed at which the jug boils for my first cup of tea.
    2 The ever changing light through the trees outside my windows.
    3 The incredible speed at which weeds grow.
    4 The sensuous feel of a cat's fur
    5 The taste of that first cup of tea – probably the best of the day.
    I will give more thought to the parts of my daily routine which I am neglecting by not focussing on them. Thank you – you have set me thinking yet again.


  3. I failed to notice the decapitated mouse on the rug until I almost stepped on it. The cats think us humans such poor hunters they have to leave gifts.

    I've noticed how the relentless trilling of red wing blackbirds makes me smile. So glad they are back.


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