First Five Fragments for Friday – Photo Fragment Friday

Your weekly offering of writing/art prompts.

It’s Photo Fragment Friday! Enjoy.

Nothing better than an odd assortment of images out of context, right? I dare you to fit them all into one piece.

Happy Friday.


Fellow writer and overall creative person Dave Morehouse recently put together a team and launched Postcard Poems & Prose, which has a unique way of presenting art and literature in one package. I had the pleasure of being published as author of one of their top three flash fiction submissions for their March contest. You can find my piece, Red Sky at Morning, here. And, later this month, fellow Every Day Poets editor Oonah V Joslin will have one of her poems published on the site. She has already published a few things on Postcard Poems & Prose, so have a look at the past publications.

But wait! There’s more! Postcard Poems & Prose is currently running a spring poetry contest, details here. Dave has made it clear that quirky bios and links to your other published works or your website are encouraged. Go check it out ASAP.

All photos by KCMickelson.



  1. Congratulations on publication of Red Sky at Morning. Lots of emotion packed into that short piece. I can see why it was selected for publication. Excellent short.

    As for the connection between your images, I'd say “journey.” Journey of water, words, flight, sky and feet.


  2. I saw you commenting over on Minnesota Prairie Roots and had to say hi – I love that you use magnetic poetry. It isn't as popular as it once was, I don't think, but I get a kick out of it. It forces me to be more creative and to really think through what I write. My kids like it too, and that makes me happy!


  3. Love the refrigerator words. I can see where it would be helpful for flash fiction.

    Cranes on a string are neat also!

    Congratulations Red Sky at Morning! I love what you do with words – and one small thing like a ring. 🙂


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