52 Ways to Shift Your Focus: Small Bits of Happiness

Shift #37: Small Bits of Happiness

Have you noticed the explosion of books, articles, and blogs devoted to figuring out what makes us happy? Of course you have; it’s impossible to miss.

With all the exposure the pursuit of happiness gets, have we forgotten what we already have in our lives that makes us happy?

That’s what I’m thinking about today. The list of things that make me happy. The old idea of counting my blessings. Why? Because this list of what makes me happy can go on the bulletin board in front of my computer, where it’s impossible to miss – just like the aforementioned books, articles, and blogs that flood the marketplace. Except this is MY list. Do I really need someone else to tell me what makes me happy? I think not.

What my list does is remind me, every time I get a rejection for my work, that there’s plenty to make me happy. And to just keep moving into the next project.

So, in the spirit of sharing that blogs inspire, here’s my list. The things that make most people happy – family, friends, good health, a decent job – are the big no-brainers in the happiness race, so they’re not on this list. My list focuses on the details that are just for me.

Details. There’s a reason I work in poetry.

The Incomplete List of Small Things That Make Me Happy (in no particular order):

1. a new blank journal
2. taking close-up garden photos
3. old vine zinfandel
4. a no-particular-reason kiss from my husband
5. my daughter’s laugh
6. picking up kids from school
7. Christmas cards
8. Sunday supper at home
9. my son’s paintings
10. popcorn with butter

What would you put on your list today? Write it.

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  1. Peace and quiet
    Peace and quiet
    More peace and quiet
    a cup of tea
    another cup of tea and a piece of cake
    a great poem in the slush pile
    two great poems in the slush pile
    historical programme on the telly and a glass of wine
    just to be warm and safe and here at home
    worrald peace 😉


  2. KM Reed

    lake, boat, and fishing rod
    fresh vegetables from the garden
    discovering a hidden truth
    sleeping in a tent
    cooking for my sweetie
    learning a new guitar riff
    order in my universe
    summer breeze
    new music


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