First Five Fragments for Friday

Your weekly offering of writing/art prompts:

1. In my alternate life, we never met.

2. My childhood neighborhood was a tightly-designed grid. Life still feels more comfortable with well-defined edges.

3.  What’s the best possible thing you could inherit?

4. Today’s first thankless task is……

5. When all else fails, write about the dog.

And your fragments are…?

Happy New Year! My living room still hosts a decorated balsam and I am reluctant to give up its outdoorsy smell. May your creative work for 2013 grow into something surprising and wonderful.

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  1. It snowed in west Texas yesterday!
    It's still snowing today!
    My makeshift desk is my love seat today.
    Why aren't my dogs as fascinated by this snow as I am?
    The best possible thing I can inherit is the wisdom of my grandparents.


  2. Today is the first of the 'become a troll – escape from the heat' days that I will endure over the next fortnight. Much of Oz is sweltering under record high temperatures.
    Two of today's thankless tasks were sweeping the birdseed from the veranda and detruffelating the kitty litter.
    My best inheritance? A black sense of humour.
    I am home alone, and can read to my heart's content.
    And read some more.


  3. # 1 – In this life we've never met… 🙂
    # 2 – My childhood neighborhood had soft, sproingy edges, easy to get lost in. Playing in the mountain woods in the back of my neighborhood was my favorite thing to do.
    # 3 – The best thing I could inherit? My dad's drafting tools.
    # 4 – Feeding the winged pigs, err, birds.
    # 5 – The dogs are my best friends and most loyal companions. It's hard to think of life without them. But they are getting older, which is scary.


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