First Five Fragments for Friday – Quirky Ornament Day

Your weekly offering of writing/journal/art prompts.

 In honor of the Solstice, I give you quirky ornaments.

Reindeer-hide boots from Finland

Taxi from my friend Luann in honor of my massive amounts of kid-chauffeuring

My daughter’s nod to the power of girls


From my sister because hippos are funny. Hippos on skis are funnier.

Extra photo in honor of my mom, who made this ornament in the 1970s.

One Minnesota Writer is taking a holiday break and will return on Friday, January 4, 2013. Happy New Year!


  1. Hi Emily – My husband and I got that first one when we visited Rovaniemi (hope I spelled that correctly), Finland, which is inside the Arctic Circle. It was our first trip together overseas. It's the first ornament I look for every year. Enjoy your holidays!


  2. I love the Minnesota made and reindeer hide boots. We try and find an ornament that represents that year in some fashion. Like the year my eldest went to luthiery school we put up a guitar ornament. 🙂


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