First Five Fragments for Friday – Quirky Ornament Day

Your weekly offering of writing/journal/art prompts.  In honor of the Solstice, I give you quirky ornaments. Reindeer-hide boots from Finland Taxi from my friend Luann in honor of my massive amounts of kid-chauffeuring My daughter’s nod to the power of girls Minnesota-made From my sister because hippos are funny. Hippos on skis are funnier. Extra […]

52 Ways to Shift Your Focus: Go Buy Someone a Present

Shift #34: Go Buy Someone a PresentSometimes I don’t want to shift my focus. Sometimes I just want to wallow in whatever’s going on around me. This is a week like that. We are all surrounded by decorations, music, television specials, packages, etc. Schedules are packed. And I’m hearing some grumbling here and there about […]

52 Ways to Shift Your Focus: Repurpose Famous Work

Shift #32: Repurpose Famous Work Today, I read an article from the Boston Review about the co-existence of poetry placed into the academic canon (American) with poetry used as expression by the common person, how much poetry is being published in various places, and what this all means. The article, Glut Reactions, an exchange between […]