First Five Fragments for Friday

Your weekly offering of writing/art prompts:

1. If you focus on the shadows, what can you tease into existence? What stays hidden?

2. While out walking the dogs early today, I had the odd sensation of sun setting in the east as a cloud bank from the west moved in quickly and cut off the morning light.

3. If autumn had a goofy slogan, it might be something like when trees get naked and people get dressed.

4. Orange was always one of the crayons I used least as a kid. Now orange is one of my favorite colors as long as it’s not the shade of a school bus.

5. Funny how some days I hear the trains in the distance here and other days, even though they sound their horns, I have no awareness of them at all. I have always lived within earshot of trains. Always.

Ready, set, go!


  1. 1. It is laughter (often at myself) and the beauty of the natural world which drags me away from the dark side.
    2. I love the changes in light as the sun hides behind big clouds, wispy clouds…
    3. I love your slogan. Just as I love Autumn.
    4. Orange is fine on cats, in the garden and the sky. I don't like orange clothing.
    5. In one of our homes the railway ran through the paddock at the bottom of the garden. I was amazed at how soon the noise became comforting.


  2. Your autumn slogan is a good one, Kathleen!

    1. It gets harder for me to get out of bed as fall moves in and winter slowly approaches.
    2. I wish I could be like my dogs and not feel the need to rush out of bed in the morning.
    3. I'm not a nap person, but I wish I were.
    4. All of these thoughts make me think maybe I need more coffee.
    5. I'm getting up and making another pot right now.

    Have a happy week!


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