First Five Fragments for Friday

1. Black sweet potato vines with cold-curled leaves that trail across the frost-coated slick deck…

2. Robins and grosbeaks and other birds gorge themselves on our crabapples, invaders who ravage the tree before winter sets in.

3. A sudden plunge into domesticity accompanies the colder mornings, the kitchen becomes the warm hub for all of us.

4. This urge to curl up in the evenings with books and wine and a fireplace gets completely wrecked when a political phone call interrupts everything and reminds me I cannot entirely disengage myself.

5. Homecoming week for my kid ends today, but the rush of memory that unleashes for me will hang around for a while.

And your fragments are….?

Here are some of this morning’s visitors. Enjoy.


  1. That's why you planted the crabapple tree, isn't it? for the visitors? 🙂
    # 4 is why I never answer the house phone and am thinking of ditching it all together. All the better for curling up and reading.
    So what are some of your memories of homecoming?


  2. That is absolutely why we planted the crabapple!
    One of my homecoming memories is the old blue car that our football team took a sledgehammer to (the rival team that year was blue and white) as part of their pre-game firing up. That kind of thing would not be allowed at my daughter's school today; they crack down on anything that is in the least bit offensive. I actually think they've gone too far the other way in keeping things “polite”. Sigh. But that is just the kind of memory to spark an essay on the whole idea of “polite” or “appropriate” or “offensive” versus “fun”.


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