First Five Fragments for Friday

1. Do cicadas actually sound sad during the last week of August or are they just a reflection of my own reluctance for summer’s end?

2. What does your body remember?

3. Preparing for houseguests who will stay for more than a few days is a good test for whether I’d be a decent B&B owner.

4. Went to sleep last night to the sound of a semi off in the distance, which made me think about road trips with my dad.

5. I am sick of reading about writing.

And your fragments are….?

What August brings in our back yard


  1. 1. Your tomatoes look wonderful – I hope to grow some this year as well.
    2. My body doesn't remember enough.
    3. I would be very, very bad at running a B & B. (Fish and visitors both smell after three days).
    4. It is crisp and bright and beautiful here today.
    5. When some essential tasks are done I hope to go into the garden. To enjoy, to smell and perhaps to do some weeding.


  2. Tomatoes! I'm jealous, mine are all gone. Now I depend on the kindness of coworkers to get my tomato fix.

    My body remembers when I used to run like the wind. Now I can't even run against a stiff breeze.

    I could never own a B&B. I like my privacy too much.


  3. Our tomatoes are fun – I'm lousy at pruning, so they sprawl all over the place. Tending the garden is what I do when I need a break from the computer, and this week that's been often. I've been working on a piece about what my body remembers. Gotta get the body moving so it isn't stuck in one position.


  4. Well, if you come to Minnesota, you can pick you own tomatoes in my garden. Just sayin'.

    I used to be huge on privacy and now I crave other people's presence more often than I ever thought I would. Not sure how that shift happened, but I suspect it's a function of parenthood and trying to stall the empty nest as long as possible.


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