First Five Fragments for Friday

1. I’m flipping around Friday date night to fit in this morning so my husband and I can visit a Rembrandt exhibit. What else will I do in reverse order today?

2. State Fair opening day yesterday – the last summer outing with my husband and daughter together before school starts. That poignant end-of-summer feeling.

3. One of my favorite images from this week: Siblings. End of the day. On the river.

4.What can wait? What can’t?

5. How many of us get nervous when someone close to us shifts gears but we don’t?

And your fragments are….?

Go re-order your day. See what you can shake up.


  1. I love this photograph, Kathleen. Sweet moment.

    1. I need to get better organized. What I've done thus far this week has helped me to be more productive.

    2. I need a coffee-maker in my office. But really, I don't.

    3. I need some coffee now. But really, I don't. Oh well.

    4. I need one extra hour in the day to work.

    5. I need one extra hour in the evening to sleep.

    Have a nice weekend, Andrea


  2. Thanks, Andrea! We were on my brother's boat this week and the sun was starting to drop down low on the horizon as we pulled onto an island in the St. Croix River for dinner when I took that photo. We hung out there, grilled food, relaxed until it was dark out. The photo was just one of those moments that I don't have the pleasure of seeing very often.

    You have a nice weekend, too. Hope you found some coffee today!


  3. 1. There is something about being on or near water which always calms me.
    2. When I can ignore the weeds being out in the garden also calms me.
    3. I am going to try very very hard not to buy any more books until the unread pile shrinks.
    4. I really mean 3.
    5. Have a wonderful weekend.


  4. Flipping things around is always interesting. And a Rembrandt exhibit? I'm jealous. 🙂
    Looks like that end of summer feeling is breaking out all over. I have to remember fall is not the bad guy here…


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