First Five Fragments for Friday

1. A hawk swooped by the kitchen window while I rinsed out the coffee pot a moment ago. Reminded me of the first week I lived in this house and a red-tailed hawk dove between our house and the neighbor’s while I stood at the same window and thought how that never happened in my old neighborhood. Was that an omen? Is it this morning’s sighting an omen?

2. Someone is taking out a tree the next block over. Buzzing sounds are breaking the morning quiet. They had a tree trunk blocking all traffic in both directions 15 minutes ago. In removing an obstacle, they’re creating a few temporary ones. Life is like that.

3. And suddenly everything is quiet. Still.

4. Do you feel you have to fill every void?

5. Finally, one of the cool huge moths I saw earlier in the summer returned:

From my garden – one of my coolest visitors

And your fragments are…..?

Figure out today’s omens.


  1. Great shot! What a sight from your garden.

    1. I like when I begin the days an hour earlier than normal.
    2. I especially like it once I've had two cups of coffee.
    3. The sage bush outside my office window smells wonderful after a small rain.
    4. What about this makes me think about what I'm going to eat for lunch?
    5. New running shoes make me want to go out and run a marathon.


  2. Ooh, I love the smell of sage! My garden smells today included basil that I cut and brought inside to use with the bruschetta I'm making this afternoon.
    Still on the lookout for that hawk moth (I think that's what it was) to return.


  3. What could the hawk be an omen of do you think? Maybe you have a hawk totem. That would be a powerful totem.

    I like the spaces that are voids and feel no need to fill them. But it's tough to resist filling a void at times! I don't think our culture values silences.

    That is one mighty moth. 🙂


  4. 1. Well, a hawk is always an omen as they are great visionaries perhaps there is something you need to see in your external or internal world.

    2. I enjoy the predawn hours when I can simply think and hear the beat of my own heart.

    3. I don't think it is possible to fill every void in ones life but, we should strive to make ourselves feel complete even if we enjoy the occasional silence.

    4. I enjoy a book that makes me think outside the box stirs some inner commotion.

    5. Do you believe in preordained destiny or do you believe we create our own destiny?


  5. 1. I would love to see a hawk, much more often that I do.
    2. Which makes me feel greedy and reminds me that the birds who do visit are magic enough.
    3. The washing is done, and there are clean sheets on the bed.
    4. If I knew the clean sheets fairy I would like clean sheets on the bed every night.
    5. Tomorrow I want to do more planting (and clean the bathrooms). Well really I only want to do one of those tasks.


  6. Chiming in on this Saturday morning:

    1) Right now it feels like fall outside. Beautiful.
    2) I wonder why the barn swallows wake my husband up at daybreak, but not me?
    3) Bran muffins for breakfast.
    4) Have slowed down on writing this summer, and that feels surprisingly okay.
    5) Need to make my grocery list: avocado, legumes, frozen yogurt…


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