First Five Fragments for Friday

1. Everything seems more still in the early morning after a middle-of-the-night thunderstorm.

2. When babies learn to open cupboards, they are endlessly entertained. What endlessly entertains adults in such a simple manner?

3. Sometimes, I have no desire to travel.

4. How often do you wonder if you’re normal and then wonder why it matters and if normal is just another word for boring?

5. I would be a lousy scientist.

And your fragments are…?

May your day bring something utterly unexpected.

Bird feeding frenzy. Paris, 2008. Photo by KCMickelson.


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  1. I hope your day brings you the same, Kathleen!

    1. Sometimes, I have no desire to travel either. Especially next week while my grandmother is having back surgery.

    2. Starting the day out with some writing always makes for a good rest of it.

    3. My tomato plants have grown out of control. I don't want to cut them back though.

    4. Am I the only person who thinks a lady bug landing on you is good luck?

    5. Am I the only person who thinks a cricket crawling over your shoe is good luck too? Or am I just looking for luck?


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